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Like you, we love to sew and are constantly trying new designs and sewing up a storm. Here are just a few of the items we've been working on lately. Stop by the shop to see the quilts. Each one is also available as a kit in the store or by calling us at (319) 277-1360.

"Early Dawn"

"Modern Churn"


"Winter Panel Quilt"

"Vintage Bear Claw"

"Mountain Peaks"



"Ombre Diamond"

"Nature's Stripes"


"One Way"

"Ombre Flower Quilt"


"Seed Merchant Wool Quilt"

"Made with Love"

"My Little Stitches"

"Hallow' Eve"


"Secret Sauce"

"Boston Charms"

"The Big Charm"

"O Christmas Gnomes"

"Awesome Mosaic Frame"


"Seneca Falls"

"A Slice of Cake"

"Gnome for the Holidays"

"Stars & Stripes Bench Pillow"


"Very Hungry Caterpillar"

"Scrappy Makes Me Happy"

"Ombre Diamond"



"Novelty Charmer"

"Picture This"

"Ombre Geese"



"Town Square Garden"


"My First Sewing Machine"





"Mini Tree Skirt"


"Woven Rainbows"

"Jelly Roll Rugs & More"


"Arborist's Journal"



"Charm Square Baby Quilt"

"Paint Chips"

"Oh Henry"


"Variegated Threads"

"Messenger Gnome"

"Raspberry Cream"

"The Winter Twist Quilt 2"

"Garden of Dreams"

"Giant Vintage Star"

"Crossroads Car Caddy"

"Christmas Village Tree Skirt"


"Santa Wool Topper"

"Shining Star"


"Wool Wall Hanging"

"Just Sew Happy"



"Abby's Elephant Party"

"All Around Town Quilt"

"Tiffany Bag"


Confetti Cake
"Confetti Cake"
Modern Charms
"Modern Charms"

"Diva 2 - Baby

Zig-Zag Placemat
"Zig-Zag Placemat"

Metro Rings
"Metro Rings"
Charming Chevrons
"Charming Chevrons"
Broken Frames
"Broken Frames"
"Two Fabric Bargello"
"Wishing Well"
Jagged Stack
"Jagged Stack"
Fa la la Table Runner
"Fa La La Table Runner"
beginner Table Runner
"Beginning Table Runner"
Braided Beauties
"Braided Beauties"
It's a Crook
"It's a Crock"
Easy Striped Tablerunner
"Easy Striped Tablerunner"
Fancy Four Patch
"Fancy Four Patch"

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